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Style: Wild Sourdough Ale
Collections: Beer, Draft,

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Journey into the World of unique experiences”:
“Wild Yeast Sourdough Project”

From the time you get up in the morning until you go to sleep at night there are a whole lot of things you desire. There are, however, some very specific moments where you crave for something light yet very flavorful, something with a soft, gentle sourness that refreshes and re-energizes. Something that is intuitively “good for you”, something that is able to become part of your daily diet in these special moments: after gym, after a stressful day at the office, for a light, re-energizing lunch….“SCHNEIDER’s BROTZEITBIER”.

Inspired by Hans Peter Drexler’s, Schneider’s head brewmaster, wild yeast Sourdough starter
50% rye malt
33% Barley malt
20% Vienna Malt
IBU: 5
OG: 1050
Alc/vol: Around 4.3-4.4%

It is NOT another Schneider wheat beer!
The term “Brotzeit”: Bavarian term that was originally coined by people doing heavy physical work such as construction workers, farmers and brewers.
It denotes a special time between breakfast & lunch or between lunch & dinner where people run out of steam. They need something to quickly re-energize them “Brotzeit” traditionally consists of whole grain bread, piece of raw milk cheese, fresh radishes and cucumber along with something special to drink.

Version: Type: Size: UPC/EAN:
Wild yeast Sourdough Ale Keg 1 * 5.3 gal. Keg
Wild yeast Sourdough Ale Keg 1 * 7.9 gal. Keg
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