Style: Oatmeal Stout
Birrificio Grado Plato, Chieri (TO), Italy

Chocarrubica is a top-fermenting oatmeal stout with Venezuelan cocoa beans and carrubs from the island of Sicily. This beer uses a large amount of oats (over 30%). Dark and impenetrable, it has a foam hat reminiscent of milk chocolate. The large amount of oats gives it a creaminess almost like hot chocolate, while the moderate alcohol content refers to the filling of a chocolate liqueur.

First Classified Best Italian Craft Beer 2006 category Other Cereals
Five Stars of the Guide to Birre d'Italia ediz. Slow Food 2011
Platinum Medal at the World Cup de la Bière, Strasbourg ed. 2010

"This 7% ABV beer is a mouthful before you begin to taste it! It’s brewed with the addition of carob and cacao beans and has a brown/black color with hints of ruby at the edge of the glass. It has an extraordinary aroma of dark chocolate and cappuccino coffee with hints of vanilla, toffee and spices. Chocolate and coffee flavors dominate the palate but are balanced by roast grain and hop bitterness. The finish is rich and sweet but with a good underpinning of spicy hops; chocolate and coffee notes continue to dominate." - Roger Protz

"This beer pours a dark russet-brown and raises a thin tan head. The nose is profoundly earthy with dark chocolate notes alongside a barnyard carob funk. The palate has a nice balance between caramel, chocolaty roast, full-bodied sweet malts and supporting hops. The finish is long and slightly sweet. I’m not personally an aficionado of carob flavors, but the cocoa and carob are very well integrated here, and it’s certainly an interesting beer. It would pair nicely with not-too-sweet chocolate desserts or dishes featuring Mexican molé sauce." - Garrett Oliver

Alc./Vol.: 7.0

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