Hofstetten's Granit Bock

Style: Stein Beer
Brauerei Hofstetten, St. Martin, Austria

Unfiltered, Unpasteurized & Bottle Conditioned

Granit Bock is brewed according to the historic style "Stone Beer" (Stein Bier). Stone beer is a unique style that comes from the Baden-Wurttenberg & Franconia regions of Germany and the Kaerten region in Austria, it dates back to the Middle Ages.

The Granit Bock is brewed in large granite open troughs. The granite stones are then heated to be white hot and added to the wort. This causes the sugars in the malt to caramelize around the stones and gives the beer lovely caramel and roasted flavors. It also gives the Granit Bock a unique smoked flavor.

Yeast is added about 1 hour after the white hot rocks have been added to the wort., allowing for an open fermentation. The Granite Bock is then matured for several months on the cool cellars under the brewery.

Production Process:

Step 1: The Mash
The initial mash and wort are brewed in a bock style beer. The wort then leaves the brew kettle and is cooled.

Step 2: Cooling

Step 3: Granite Troughs
After the liquid is cooled it is transfered into the open granite troughs.

Step 4: Granite Troughs
The granite rocks are heated until they are white hot. Adding the rocks to the wort causes the wort to increase in temperatur making for a very active yeast in the initial part of the fermentation

Step 5: Granite Troughs
It takes about one hour to hieve all white-hot granite rocks into the open fermenter (built of the same local granite rock as well).

Step 6: Granite Troughs
The yeast is pitched one hour after all the white hot granite rocks have been added to the wort.

Step 7: Fermentation & Maturation
The initial fermentation takes place in the open granite troughs (left). The young beer is then transferred to the maturation cellar (right).

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Hofstetten's Granit Bock
Alc./Vol.: 7.3

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