Style: Sake
Kiuchi Shuzou Ltd, Ibaraki-ken Naka-gun, Japan

Sake Summit 2002 "Most Unusual " Sake:
"Asamurasaki "Morning Purple Red Rice Sake" by Kiuchi Sakery Japan, this is a sake made from red rice and is in fact, a red sake with an unusual taste.

Red rice was cultured in ancient times and is hardly used any more. This very unique sake is naturally red in color and slightly sweet with some definite berry-like aromas and flavours and has a slight "spritz" to the mouthfeel.

Kikusakari Sakes
Materials - The most important factor of Sake brewing is the quality of the rice. We polish rice, scraping off the proteins and fats that are unnecessary components for brewing. The grade of the sake is set by the quality of the polished rice. The highest class sake is called DAIGINJO, which is brewed with 50% polished rice. 30% polished is average for common sake brewing, but most of the products in Kuichi Syuzou are brewed with rice polished down 40% with the same standard as DAIGINJO.

Sake contains 80% water, and thus plays an important role in brewing sake. Kiuichi uses natural, hard water from a spring with water suitable for fermentation.

There are a lot of Sake-competitions in Japan with the most prestigious one held by the National Tax Administration. The National Tax Administration only judges sakes that are exclusively brewed for the competition. KIKUSAKARI sakes have received many prizes since the first display in 1988.

1988,1989,2001 Silver & 1990,1992,1998,1999 Gold

The Magazine "TOKUSENNGAI" holds a yearly sake-competition. KIKUSAKARI KURAKAGAMI DAIGINZYOU was chosen to remarkable first rank in January of 2000.

Alc./Vol.: 14.0

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