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Old Danish Beer
Style: Braggot
Collections: Beer,

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Old Danish Braggot is based on an 18th century recipe and is brewed according to old Danish traditions by Dansk Mjod A/S in collaboration with Orbaek Bryggeri.

Old Danish Beer is brewed with Vienna and Munich malts, select hops and ginger, and the good water from Orbaek. It is blended with GI Dansk Mjod.

Old Danish Braggot is a BLEND of a fully brewed/fermented & matured strong ale with a fully brewed/fermented/matured mead.

Strong ale: about 7% alc/vol, using vienna malts, munich malts, caramalts
Mead: GI Dansk Mjod {brewed with honey , hop, and ginger}
Ratio: around 40% GI Dansk Mjod & 60% Strong Ale

Tasting Notes

Deep brown color with a soft thin head and little carbonation.

Lots of spice in aroma.

The blending of the malts with mead creates a sweeter flavor profile.

Finishing off with a dry malt aftertaste.

Alc./Vol.: 10.5 %

Version: Type: Size: UPC/EAN:
Case 6 * 25.4 oz. Bottle(s) 0 62067 02950 3
Case 12 * 25.4 oz. Bottle(s) 0 62067 02950 3
Braggot Case 8 * 25.4 oz. Bottle(s) 0 62067 02950 3
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