Somerset Wild

Style: Sour English Ale
The Wild Beer Co., Somerset, United Kingdom

Somerset Wild is fermented with yeast and bacteria harvested from local Somerset orchards. It has a long slow fermentation to develop a crisp, mineral fresh, tart character. It’s lemon citrus qualities are reminiscent of home-made lemonade.
We believe exceptional brewing stems from imagination and passion, it’s not just a process. By embracing our environment and not being confined by rules, tradition or ingredients, we can add a Wild 5th ingredient or process to our beers - in this case a locally harvested culture of yeasts and bacteria from the orchards that Somerset is famous for. We want to give you a truly memorable drinking experience, altering your perceptions and thrilling your taste buds. Drink Wildly Different.
The wet climate of Somerset is perfect for the orchards and pastures that are the lifeblood of our area, they are also perfect conditions for the yeasts, bugs and critters that we need to make a unique sour beer.
Somerset Wild is a beer that shows how much we love working with our environment and the seasons to produce idiosyncratic beers that leave you questioning your perceptions. A beer with the acidity levels of a white wine or farmhouse cider, with a depth, complexity and refreshing drinkability to it that makes it a wonderful beer to pair with food.
This is a magic beer to enjoy with fish, particularly oily fish such as mackerel or sardines, caught off the South-west coast, or even better why not try it with a ceviche. The acidity of the beer will work as the perfect accompaniment.

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