Freshie Salt & Pepper

Style: Australian Gose
Nomad brewery, Australia, Brookvale NSW, Australia

This beer is the brain child of Leonardo and Brooks, after a few.... staring at the beautiful Ocean in Freshwater, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, the ocean mist and its fantastic smell had to be somehow put into a beer.... Why not add sea water directly to the beer and hey isn’t salt what they add to traditional Gose in Germany??!! A few months later here we are at Nomad adding two buckets of salt water straight from Freshie to a Gose with a Nomad twist and adding our new favorite pepper variety from Tasmania.

Gose is an historical style of beer brewed in the town of Leipzig, Germany. Unfortunately there are only two traditional breweries still brewing Gose in its own town. Craft beer has often resurrected and given a new life to forgotten but beautiful and interesting beer styles like this one. Traditionally Goses are slightly tart, savoury and spicy (coriander), and light in body and ABV.

At Nomad we tried to get as close as possible to traditional Gose as far as malts, yeast and salt dosage and we obviously gave it our very own Italo/Aussie character adding sea water and Tasmanian pepper.

~ Nomad Brewing

Freshie Salt & Pepper
Alc./Vol.: 4.5
IBU: 15

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