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Style: Heller Bock, unfiltered
Collections: Beer,

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Ainpöckisch beer, mentioned in documents since 1378, is a completely natural, unfiltered Bock beer specialty from the town of Einbeck, home of the historic Bock beer style. Brewed according to traditional recipes with generous additions of hops. Left completely unfiltered.

In the 13th to the 15th century this style “Ainpöckisch bock beer” was very popular and distributed throughout the Hanseatic League, the merchant organisation founded by north German towns and German merchant communities abroad.

Alc./Vol.: 6.7 %

Version: Type: Size: UPC/EAN:
Case 24 * 11.2 oz. 6-Pack Bottle(s) 4004078008094
Keg 1 * 7.9 gal. Keg
CANS Case 24 * 16.9 oz. 6*4 pack Cans 4004078003877
Wooden Cask Wooden Cask 30l New 1 * 7.9 gal. Keg
Picture: Arrival of Einbecker Ainpöckisch cans
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