Einbecker "Historic Brauherren Pilsner, unfiltered"

Style: Pilsner
Einbecker Brauhaus A.G., Einbeck, Germany

A most unusual, one-of-a-kind edition of Einbecker Brauherren Pilsner . Completely unfiltered.
Directly transferred from the tank at Einbecker Brauhaus into our temperature controlled tank container
..and then into our own 30l + 50l kegs at Oxford CT, USA. Keg fitting: American Sankey, slim/ tall.

Einbecker Unfiltered Pils ––> Brighter and more expressive than its filtered counterpart. Rich and bready in the nose, challah-like. The hops show a lot more depth on the nose with zesty lemon-lime and contrasting herbal/earthy noble hop character. On the palate it is bigger and rounder, with a bit more perceived sweetness. The malt comes off on the palate as cracker-y, supporting that noble hop top-note throughout. The finish is zippy and super crisp despite the beer's pillowy demeanor upfront; a bright minerality combines with an edgy, elevated bitterness and prickly carbonation to help keep everything balanced. There’s also this gritty kellerbier character in the mid-palate and finish which is fantastic (always hard to describe this character)…

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