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Klostergarden, Norway
Type: Brewery

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Klostergarden is a small farmhouse brewery on the island of Tautra. Here, the traditional Stjordaisol malts are prepared as they have been for 2000 years. They are steeped for 4 days, then dried over fire for 20 hours using a slow burning wood called Alderwood. They use the smoked malts for a bit over 50% of the grist and then use caramel malts to round out the flavor and give it a more full flavor. A British dry ale yeast is used, which makes this beer kind of an oddity. Really traditional on one hand , but not so much on the other. The malting is done on a nearby farm called Alstaberger. A really smokey nose, but finishes much sweeter. 6.5% it is unusual but good in a sweet Schlenkerla kind of way.

Picture: Klostergarden Vintage Malt House
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