Style: Italian Sour Ale w/raspberries
Birrificio del Ducato, Soragna, Italy

The next DAYDREAM beer... To follow Blueberry & Brett Peat - this time an Italian Barrel Aged Sour Ale made with Fresh Raspberries!

This beer has been directly fermentation in wooden barrel with a small addition of lactic acid bacteria. After cooling the wort was transferred directly into old used Italian wine barrels (from Piedmont, Sicily and Emilia Romagna). These are the same barrels that house the fermentation of Chrysopolis (Del Ducato's Lambic) within which a distinct microflora has not been established.

The result of the barrel fermentation is an additional layer of complexity. The inoculation of lactic acid bacteria was done after a few days, just when the fermentation was starting to go spontaneous.

The complex character due to the nature of the various microbial species involved (Brettanomyces in primis) goes far beyond what the only lactic acid bacteria could give. After 6 months, the beer was extracted from the cask to mature and put into a vat where they were added raspberries and green beer. These additions promote a second fermentation. After three months on the raspberries, the blend is ready.

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