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Baciami Lipsia
Beersel Mattina
Brett Peat DayDream
Chrysopolis, Italian style Lambic
Koji Il Riso
La Luna Rossa
My Blueberry Nightmare
Nuova Mattina
Oud Brunello
Profondo Rosso
Sally Brown Baracco
Verdi Imperial Stout
Via Emilia
Vieille Ville
Birrificio del Ducato
Type: Brewery
Website: http://www.birrificiodelducato.com/

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Beginning in 2007, Ducato Microbrewery is today’s most awarded Italian brewery. It is located in Roncole Verdi, a small village in Parma County, birth place of world’s renowned composer Giuseppe Verdi and also home land of prestigious food such as Parma ham (Prosciutto) and fizzy wines such as Lambrusco and Malvasia. A land portraying a history of daily sacrifices and great passion.

Holding a BA in Food Science and Technology and a past as home brewer, Giovanni Campari is the radical and visionary Brewmaster. Manuel Piccoli is the brewery’s executive entrepreneurial mind with a precise vision for growth and development.

Thanks to their skills and commitment, Ducato excelled in national and international contests. It is currently exporting more than 15% of its production to the US, Canada, Brazil, Norway, Sweden, Spain and Japan, seeing a 80% constant growth rate in its total annual volume of business.

In 2008 Verdi Imperial Stout ranked first at the “European Beer Start” in Germany marking the first time in history an Italian artisan beer has ever won an international contest.
In 2009, Nuova Mattina (the American version of New Morning) was listed as one of the world’s top 25 beers in both “Draft” and “The Wine Enthusiast” magazines.
In 2010, VIA EMILIA won the silver medal at the “World Beer Cup”, the world’s most renowned beer competition held in the USA biannually. Also, The International Beer Challenge in London awarded the Black Jack Verdi Imperial Stout with 2 gold medals. Sally Brown “Baracco” won 2 silver and a bronze. Although it had only been 3 years since production first began, all Ducato’s beers received awards. In Italy they were crowned “Brewery of the year 2010” and went on winning 4 medals, with VIA EMILA receiving a gold at the European Beer Star in Nurnberg, Germany.
In 2011 Ducato was once again crowned “Brewery of the Year” being the first brewery ever to be awarded twice in a row in Italy. It also won 7 medals at the European Beer Star with Beersel Morning and Sally Brown receiving a gold award each.

Today Ducato keeps growing by launching a new craft beer line named BIA. This is a high quality beer (unfiltered and unpasteurized) targeting large distribution and featuring its own web site and on-line “viral” advertisement. On the other hand, the investigation on beer aging moves on, targeting both the experts and the connoisseurs of this style worldwide. In light of its success, Ducato Microbrewery has recently expanded by acquiring a brand new facility to increase production and enter the international market.

Picture: Birrifcio del Ducato logo on glass
Picture: Birrificio Del Ducato, Roncole Verdi di Busseto, Italy
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