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Avrolles & Petit Jaune Cidre
Cidre Bouche Brut E. Dupont
Cidre Reserve E. Dupont
Cidre de Givre
Domaine Dupont Aigre Doux
E. Dupont Cuvee Colette
E. Dupont Jus de Pomme Petillant, non-alcoholic
E. Dupont Pome
E. Dupont Pommeau
E.Dupont Cidre Tripel
E.Dupont's Esprit de Pomme
Organic Cidre Etienne Dupont
Domaine Familial Etienne Dupont
Type: Cider & Perry
Website: http://www.calvados-dupont.com/

Not your granny's apple cider: Craft varieties make a comeback

Bites on Today

Date Published:

Description / Excerpt:
"Confession: During my freshman year of college, I fell for Woodchuck’s hard cider. It was syrupy sweet, sublimely fizzy and always available (even when I couldn’t buy it myself). But it was a short-lived love affair. By sophomore year my taste-buds had matured and it was time to move on. It’s not you, it’s me, I said to my green bottle of grown-up apple juice one night.
It wasn’t until a few years later, dining with my parents at a restaurant only they could afford, that I discovered just how wrong I was. One sip of a Dupont apple cider and I knew. What I wanted had been there all along — a subtly sweet, dry-like-my-favorite-white-wine cider with enough complexity to keep me coming back for more. I just hadn't known where to look..."

Danika Fears, Today, NBC


Fortified Wines

Los Angeles Times Magazine

Date Published:

Description / Excerpt:
"When it comes to grouping wine into flights—wines consumed in a particular order—Maxwell Leer, the former wine director of the Bazaar by José Andrés, is like an explorer eager to take an expeditionary force on a journey of discovery. Here, he has assembled a flight of five fortified wines..."

LA Times Magazine


A Cider a Day Enlivens Autumn

New York Times

Date Published:

Description / Excerpt:
"YOU might say I’ve developed a good case of cider-for-brains. That can happen this time of year, when the scent of a roaring fire and the sound of leaves crunching underfoot prompts a Pavlovian desire for all manifestations of the apple.
"Perhaps I’m overplaying the seasonal card here. The truth is, cider is a wonderful, overlooked beverage pretty much year round. The apple harvest is an autumn phenomenon, but cider — hard cider, as apple juice fermented into an alcoholic beverage is often called in the United States — is available any season. A piercingly pure, dry cider can be a beautifully refreshing summer treat..."

Eric Asimov


Picture: Dupont apples
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